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Germany is willing to make concessions to the United States on automobile taxation

Dong Xing aluminummanufacturerchina.com 2018-03-29 10:31:58
A German government official said a few days ago that Germany is putting pressure on the EU to lower tariffs on a variety of goods, including cars, in order to reach an agreement with the United States. This kind of protection of German export-oriented industries may alienate Germany from other EU countries, including France. French government officials said that France does not want the EU to make any concessions.

In the United States, where the temporary decision to suspend tariffs on steel and aluminum (2024 aluminum plate on sale)has lasted only four weeks, the EU is still trying to find a way to deal with Trump. This may destroy the trade relations between the entire EU and the United States. It is reported that in 2016, the trade value of the two sides was about 640 billion U.S. dollars.

A German official stated that Germany supports the EU's new regulations on tariffs for a range of products such as automobiles(Aluminum coil for car parts manufacturer), machinery, food, and pharmaceuticals. Both of these government officials discussing the EU's internal strategy have asked for anonymity.
According to a report in the Nande Daily on Tuesday, the German government led by German Chancellor Angela Merkel has been testing the German automotive industry and wondering whether the industry will support reducing the EU’s car tariffs by 10% to avoid trade disputes. The newspaper quoted industry sources as saying that (Germany) automakers reacted positively to this idea.

When asked by the German Automotive Industry Association, the report said: "The dialogue with the United States must continue at a higher political level. We promote sustainable, reliable and WTO-compliant agreements. For fair and free trade It is necessary to eliminate each other’s trade barriers and reach a new framework.”

German Economic Minister Peter Altmaier met with U.S. Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross last week. He told reporters that he did not submit a proposal to the United States to obtain a (tariff) exemption, and denied that "Monday" related to its proposal to lower cars. Tariff proposal report. He wrote on the tweet: "I have neither any proposal nor any commitment."

Although Trump supports the conclusion of bilateral agreements with certain countries, Merkel insists on the common position of the European Union: Based on the rules of the World Trade Organization, tariffs for individual products and countries are not allowed.

In early March of this year, President Trump of the United States threatened that the EU might implement a retaliatory tariff policy against the United States. If the EU takes retaliatory actions, the United States will impose high tariffs on cars imported from the EU. In the face of the increasing trade protection measures in the United States, Germany’s political and business circles have issued a voice of criticism. At the same time, the EU is also tough on the US tariff plan. Juncker, chairman of the European Commission, said that Trump’s move was "stupid" and that "the EU can also adopt stupid measures."

Analysts pointed out that the German business community generally believes that the punitive tariffs proposed by Trump are mainly aimed at Germany. Once a trade war breaks out, the first German auto companies(Aluminum coil for car parts 3004) will suffer. According to the German Federation of Automobile Manufact imed at Germany. Once a trade war breaks out, the first German auto companies will suffer. According to the German Federation of Automobile Manufactur urers, German brand cars sold approximately 1.35 million vehicles in the United States in 2017 and are expected to continue to increase this year. The American market is particularly important for German car companies such as Daimler, BMW and Volkswagen. The three car companies not only export cars to the United States, but also have production bases in the United States. It is also reasonable for Germany to make concessions.