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What problems should be paid attention to when welding aluminum alloy

1. Before welding the aluminum alloy, the surface of the aluminum alloy should be cleaned first to ensure that there are no dust, oil and other stains on the surface. If it is a thick aluminum alloy, steel wire should be used for brushing before welding and then acetone. And the cable of the welding gun used should not be too long.

Welding Characteristics:

Aluminum and aluminum Aluminum Alloy has high thermal conductivity and heat capacity, linear expansion coefficient, the characteristics of low melting point and high temperature strength small, welding is difficult, some measures should be adopted to ensure the welding quality.

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2. Fittings and welding wire cleaning, welding wire and crevasse on both sides of the range of 50mm surface with acetone to clean, use stainless steel wire brush to surface oxide film, with metallic luster, clean up the breach must be welded in 2 hours , clean up the wire into the unused cylinder must be finished within 8 hours, otherwise a new deal.

3. Tungsten rods are made of cerium tungsten rods, argon is not less than 99.96%, and water content should not be greater than 50mg/m3.

4. The ambient temperature is not less than 5 degrees, or should be preheated to 100~200 degrees before welding, relative humidity control.

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2. You need to buy expensive gun suitable for welding of aluminum. During welding, a large amount of heat will be transferred to the inside of the metal in a short time, so you should use energy with high power and concentrated energy. not need to practice can be completed well welding operations;

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