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What are the common quality defects of aluminum rolls?

Aluminum coil has a wide range of applications, as small as pots and pans, in our lives can be seen everywhere aluminum products figure, some of them are made of aluminum coil directly processing, impact on the market price is mainly affected by the aluminum coil quality.Aluminum rolls are widely used in electronics, cans, packaging, construction, home decoration, machinery and other aspects.

Harbin Dong Xing Aluminum Co., Ltd is a competent and reliable Aluminum coil manufacturer. There are more Aluminum coil manufacturer china. The production technology has caught up with the developed countries. However, some quality defects will inevitably be encountered in the manufacture of aluminum rolls, so what are the common quality defects of aluminum rolls?

1, the composite layer shedding: irregular defects of composite cladding layer and the substrate to leave off the formation.

2, embossing: the irregular chromatic aberration of the roll surface due to the wrinkle and broken band of the strip, which is periodically printed on the surface of the strip during the rolling process.

3, wave: the general name of various unevenness of the plate and strip due to the uneven deformation. The waves generated by plates and edges are called edge waves. The waves generated in the middle are called intermediate waves. The waves between the middle and the sides, which are neither in the middle nor on the sides, are called the two rib waves, and the smaller and generally round waves are called breaking waves.

4, edge: after rolling or cutting, the edge of the strip is warped.

5, side side bending: the longitudinal side of the plate and belt presents a non flat state bending to one side.

6, roll down: the core is seriously deformed and the roll is not round.

7, Cuoceng: strip between the layers and irregular surface dislocation caused by surface roughness.

8, tower: roll belt between layer and layer to the side moving form tower offset.

9, loosening: the loosening between the layer and the layer when the coiling and opening, when it is seriously affected by the whole volume.

10, bird's Nest: a local "V" defect on the end of the roll. The defect in the belt coiling process or after unloading, some to be produced only after a period of time.

Because of the quality of the aluminum coil, the properties and uses of the aluminum products are also different. In order to protect the performance of aluminum products, we should choose the aluminum plate of the quality mall when shopping.

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