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Precautions and solutions for aluminum alloy dyeing

With the increasing use of aluminum alloy plates in people’s lives, people are no longer able to meet the monotonous color of aluminum plates, and the requirements for the color of aluminum plates are also higher. Harbin Dong Xing Aluminum Co., Ltd is a competent and reliable China Aluminum Plate Manufacturer. Can provide you with aluminum plates of different colors.Today we talk about the precautions and solutions for aluminum plate dyeing:

Reasons and solutions for the aluminum plate not being colored

1, aluminum alloy aluminum alloy anodic oxide film thickness problem: the solution is to check whether the anodizing process specification, temperature, voltage, or conductive factors such as stability, if abnormal, please adjust the specification, without exception, may be appropriate to extend the oxidation time, ensure the film thickness standard.

2, aluminium alloy when pH value is too high: at this point, can be used acetic acid to adjust the pH value to the standard value.

3, aluminium alloy after oxidation of the workpiece in the tank placed too long: the promotion of timely staining, if this situation has occurred, the workpieces can be put in proper activation treatment of anodic oxidation tank or nitrate neutralizing bath after dyeing, the effect will be very good.

4, aluminum alloy plate selected improper dyes: the use of appropriate dyes. Harbin Dong Xing Aluminum Co., Ltd could provide you with 2024 aluminum plate on sale.

5, aluminum alloy plate dye has been decomposed or moldy: at this time need to replace the dye.

6, the low temperature oxidation of aluminum alloy, lead to skin tight: may be appropriate to increase the oxidation temperature.

7, the poor conductivity of copper anode or cathode rod may lead to poor contact in bulk poor conductivity. Pay attention to cleaning the anode and cathode lead copper rod, to ensure good contact.

Reasons and solutions for the aluminum plate Light color, color difference

1. Uneven film thickness. The possible reason is that the temperature and concentration of the anodizing bath are uneven, and the bath should be stirred with compressed air to greatly solve such problems.

2. The temperature or concentration of the dye solution is uneven. Introduce a stirring process.

3. The dyeing speed is too fast. The bottom of the workpiece enters the dye solution first and leaves the dye solution last, so the bottom is the easiest to dye deeply. The solution is to dilute the dye and extend the dyeing time appropriately.

4. Poor conductivity. It may be caused by loose hangers. Pay attention to hang tightly to avoid such problems.

5. The dye is too dilute, you can add dye to increase the concentration.

6. The temperature of the dye solution is too low. The dye liquor can be heated to below 60℃.

7. Improper dissolution of dyes or floating of insoluble dyes may cause color difference. The solution is to improve the dissolution of the dye.

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