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Harbin Dong Xing aluminum co., ltd is established in the year 2000, located at beautiful city Harbin. Our factory is a competent and reliable supplier in plain and coated aluminum foil, coil, sheet, and other aluminum products in China. Contact Now

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How to clean the aluminum plate?

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Precautions and solutions for aluminum alloy dyeing

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What problems should be paid attention to when welding aluminum alloy

1. Before welding the aluminum alloy, the surface of the aluminum alloy should be cleaned first to ensure that there are no dust, oil and other stains...

Factory Tour



     Harbin Dongxing Aluminum Co.,ltd was founded in 2000 year. We are in Harbin city ,Heilongjiang province . Our major products are  aluminum sheet,coil,foil and coated aluminum etc.


Floor space

220000 m2


12000 tons/month

Standard workshop

176000 m2

Employee enrolled






Production line


Ingot hot rough milling machine, hot finishing mill, cold finishing mill, bends straightening machine, cut machine, slitting machine, rewinding machine, welding machine, aluminum foil rolling mill, aluminum foil cutting machine, slitting machine, slitting machine, aging annealing furnace, quenching furnace, pusher heating furnace and a variety of equipment.


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