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Aluminum Industry: Forged wheel

  • Author:Dong Xing
  • Source:Dong Xing
  • Release on:2018-07-12

The performance of forged aluminum alloy wheels is much better than that of steel wheels and low-pressure cast aluminum alloy wheels. For example, DURA-BRIGHI EVO forged wheels of American Okinink Aluminum Company (formerly American Aluminum Corporation) are 47% lighter than steel wheels. If the 12 wheels of a bus are all made of forged aluminum alloy, CO213.3 tons can be discharged during the life cycle (running 1.5 million km); the forged aluminum alloy wheel can withstand 71.2 tons of weight, while the steel wheel is It can be deformed when it bears 13.7 tons of weight. It can be seen that the forged aluminum alloy wheel can withstand five times the weight of the steel wheel. Okinnike Aluminum uses 80MN forging presses to produce wheels.

China's production of forged aluminum alloy wheels began in 1995 in Qinhuangdao, Hebei Province, CITIC Daika wheel manufacturing company, there are two imported forging presses, so far there are 18 forging companies producing wheels in the country, with about 40 forging presses, Daika Group is The biggest in the world.

Aluminum processing industry is moving towards a world power

At present, China has become a big country in the world aluminum industry and aluminum processing industry. At the same time, it has entered the world's primary power of aluminum foil and extruded materials. Now China's economy has moved toward a high-quality development stage, under the guidance of Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, in the party. Under the guidance of the 19th National Spirit, China's aluminum industry is marching toward the world's powerful countries.

What else do you need to do to become a world power?

The aluminum processing industry has a significant overcapacity. In the past few years, it is necessary to eliminate the enterprises and production lines that are backward in process, high in energy consumption, and environmentally unqualified through shutting down and merging. At least 20% of the production capacity must be removed.

It is necessary to form an aluminum processing industry structure with reasonable structure, well-matched large and medium-sized enterprises, and medium and high-precision products that can fully meet domestic and international demand. It is adjusted by expanding exports and importing a moderate amount of high-precision aluminum. At the same time, the export volume should reach 20% or more of the output.

Vigorously promote enterprises to enter the international market. Going abroad to build a factory and go to the acquisition is the best way to get it. It is not only effective, but also has ready-made markets and technologies, but it should be noted that the acquisition should be a high-tech enterprise. Alcoa and Novelis Aluminium are mainly based on the acquisition of foreign companies. Zhongwang Holding Co., Ltd. also played a leading role in the acquisition of foreign companies. The acquired company, Alunna and Silver Yatch Com., Ltd., are world-class companies. In 2025, it is best to form five or six competitive multinational aluminum companies, one or two of which will enter the world's top 500.

It is necessary to increase investment in science and technology research and development, strengthen intellectual property protection, recruit high-end talents, and educate future talents. Talent is the main productivity of enterprise development, enabling intelligent technology to help the aluminum processing industry and vigorously strengthen original work. It is best to develop five or six original deformed aluminum alloys by 2025.

Promote the application of aluminum, especially in automotive applications. If the amount of aluminum used in passenger cars can reach 220kg/car in 2025, and the new energy car is all-aluminum, and more than 80% of the freight car is all-aluminum, then the amount of aluminum used in 2025 will reach about 7.5 million. Tons or more.

Labor productivity still needs to be greatly improved. The average labor productivity of various products in the aluminum processing industry is roughly 10 tons/(person year)~60 tons/(person year) lower than that of industrial developed countries.

Increase the consumption of primary aluminum/recycled aluminum, or the consumption of scrap aluminum/primary aluminum (ingot). When producing 1 ton of aluminum, the more used aluminum is used, the higher the economic efficiency and the harder the technology. In 2016, Japan’s ratio was 44%, the highest in the world; in the production of can body stock, the US used waste material (UBC) was the highest, and our country still has a lot in this regard. The gap is almost zero.

The short plate to be replenished also has horizontal continuous casting line, which can significantly improve the yield. The specialized round ingot foundry can consider the construction of such production(Aluminum honeycomb foil manufacturer china) line and homogenizing treatment furnace to produce round ingots with diameter ≤400mm; introduce Micromill TM short process without head Rolling line; construction of Hazlet aluminum foil strip blank endless rolling line (casting - hot rolling - cold rolling): ABS long process production line; tank factory built UBC 100,000 tons / year production project; China is under construction, planning Construction of dozens of atomic power plants, full production of atomic energy aluminum; production of C fiber and silicon carbide fiber, and production of aluminum matrix composites; fastener production project; aluminum-lithium alloy research and development, production and deep processing base; Alloy thick plate and foam composite armor plate; extremely pure aluminum and target; semi-solid die forging automotive and electronic equipment parts; high strength and high conductivity aluminum alloy wire; explosion-proof aluminum foil; high-voltage battery foil; AI-Li, AI-Sc alloy Such as welding wire, requires H2, low impurity content; can be superplasticized and can be naturally aged aluminum alloy 5083; automotive and electronic products extrusion parts; intelligent production lines. Among the short plates that need to be replenished, some are insufficient production, and some have not yet formed an industrial production line.