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Dongxing Aluminum strengthens corporate management

  • Author:Dong Xing
  • Release on:2018-04-03
In recent years, in parallel with the implementation of the management model of the Group Company, the flat management of Dongxing Aluminum Corporation(Aluminum foil manufacturer china) has fully released the vitality of management and management, and the various management processes and standards have been continuously improved, achieving a “steady foundation” to “strong strength”. The transformation.
Aluminum honeycomb foil
Safe and stable production system is the basis of all work, and it is also an important guarantee for capacity utilization, cost reduction and efficiency increase. Dongxing Aluminum Co., Ltd., with its main objective of stable production, optimization of indicators, and cost control, is using specialized and sophisticated management methods to continuously improve the level of production organizations. The completion of the first-phase project of the comprehensive budget management informationization platform has achieved information-based management of the entire process control of production costs. It has also laid a foundation for the control of product manufacturing costs by providing early warning of the use of materials and weekly schedules for each operating unit. Last year, the company produced 99.90% of 2,057 tons of electrolytic aluminum liquid, and produced 99.85% of aluminum ingots(3004 aluminum plate on sale), 32,380 tons. This not only created better economic benefits, but also enhanced the company's influence and popularity in the industry.

On the basis of streamlining production, the company responds to the development trend of the aluminum industry, actively responds to market changes, and arranges all aspects properly. The company actively follows the market alumina market(1100 aluminum coil on sale), strengthens the coordination ability of alumina suppliers' management and transportation links, ensures the company's alumina supply security, actively expands the supply channels in the surrounding areas of Gansu, effectively alleviates the anode supply problem in the heating season, and actively develops. In the southwest market, aluminum ingot stocks in various regions are reasonably equipped to optimize the flow of finished products. On this basis, the company strives to improve the industrial chain construction and timely follow up the construction progress of the Alpat Alumina Plant in Jamaica and the Tiancheng Color Aluminum Project. The conditions for the construction of the project are financial support, contract signing, backbone support, and staff training. Support for the supply of offices and living areas, and the production of supporting links are well protected. Active efforts have been made to promote the two projects and accelerate the industrial transformation and upgrading.