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What is the main method of processing aluminum products?

  • Author:Dong Xing
  • Source:Dong Xing
  • Release on:2018-06-27

Aluminium products processing is based on aluminum alloy as the main raw material, after a series of processing, packaging processes, raw S rejection products, industrial supplies. These aluminum products are indispensable for deep processing. What is the use of aluminum products? What are the main methods of aluminum product processing? What is deep processing? Deep processing should pay attention to what principle? What is a treatment of aluminum product processing?

First of all, before we understand the processing of aluminum cuts, let us first understand the aluminum element. As we all know, aluminum is a lot of gold in the earth's crust, and it has 1 yuan cable, good ductility, good flexibility, and good electrical conductivity. It can be drawn into filaments and rolled into the first piece. Therefore, it is often used to produce wires and wires in foods. Factory for packaging foods.

Forget can be used for air defense, construction, steam leather, food and other major industries. Then let us know about aluminum products. There are many types of aluminum products, such as castings, pure alloys, alloys, aluminum-magnesium alloys, aluminum-copper fi alloys, and so on. The processed aluminum products have several types of rakes: sheets, boards, extruded sheets, extruded products, pipes, and pipes, and ^^^. Processing refers to the remanufacturing of aluminum products, while aluminum products such as engineering refers to the improvement of aluminum products made from semi-finished products. This means that it is further fabricated on aluminum products that have already been molded so that their performance is more reliable.
The main methods for the processing of aluminum products include indiscriminate, economical, tensile, and forgeability. The deep processing of aluminum products to ensure the accuracy of the machine tool, the higher the better, and a tool used by Yin Yin's hydrostatic bearing spindle will be a diamond Austrian solid tool, and giant professional after grinding. 

One of the treatments for the machining of the cutting fluid, which can be directly processed with the mirror processing emulsion* aluminum product, is the hot spit processing called finish processing. This process covers finish annealing, solution treatment, quenching, natural and artificial aging treatments. Before S, there are graded aging and deformation heat treatment processes. The artificial aging treatment can provide the force character performance of aluminum products, and it can also strengthen the stress corrosion resistance and fracture toughness of aluminum products( 1235 aluminum foil wholesales ).