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What does the aluminum pan turn black in use?

  • Author:Dong Xing
  • Source:Dong Xing
  • Release on:2018-06-26

The surface of ordinary water is quite clean. In fact, it has dissolved a lot of things in it. The most common is calcium and magnesium salts, followed by iron salts. Different sources of water contain more or less iron salts. These iron salts are the “culprits” that make aluminum pans black.

Since aluminum is more lively than iron, the aluminum pans collide with water containing iron salts, and aluminum replaces the iron. The replaced iron is attached to the aluminum pan and the aluminum pan becomes black.

However, this chemical “tricks” must become successful. There must be three conditions:

First, there are more iron salts in water.

Second, boil water for a long time.

Third, the aluminum pan must be new, because the surface of the old aluminum pan, there is a thin layer of aluminum oxide, this layer of aluminum oxide does not have the opportunity to "surface appearance", "joke" of course not become.

Since the black material is iron, black may not be removed. If you want the aluminum pan to regain its light, you can use vinegar to remove these blacks; cook some acidic foods such as tomatoes and dissolve the iron.

It is also possible to put fresh apple skin in a scourge, add enough water, boil it for a quarter of an hour, and rinse it with water. The aluminum pan will become bright as new.