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Improper use of aluminum can also have some side effects

  • Author:Dong Xing
  • Source:Dong Xing
  • Release on:2018-06-28

Improper use of aluminum can also have some side effects. There are reports: aluminum salt may cause loss of memory. A private research group in Australia said that the extensive use of aluminum salt to purify water may cause brain damage and result in severe memory loss, which is a characteristic symptom of Alzheimer's disease. The researchers' experiments with mice showed that trace amounts of aluminum mixed in drinking water enter the rats' brains and gradually accumulate there. After drinking a glass of aluminum salt-treated water, their aluminum content in the brain is measurable. Level.

Studies have found that aluminum can damage human brain cells,

According to the assessment of the World Health Organization, the daily intake of aluminum is specified as 0-0.6 mg/kg, where kg refers to the person's weight, that is, an allowable intake of 60 mg per person is 36 mg.

China's "Standard for the Use of Food Additives GB2760-2011" stipulates that the residual amount of aluminum should be less than or equal to 100mg/kg. Based on this calculation, a person weighing 60kg need not worry about eating no more than 360g of fritters every day.

Aluminum slowly accumulates in the human body. The toxicity caused by it is slow and difficult to detect. However, if a toxic reaction to a metabolic disorder occurs, the consequences are very serious. Therefore, we must arouse our attention. In daily life, we must prevent the absorption of aluminum and reduce the use of aluminum products.

The harm of aluminum and its compounds to human beings cannot be compared with their contribution. As long as people pay attention and avoid weaknesses, it will play a more important role in human society.

Avoid methods:
1. Avoid using aluminum cookware
2. Eat less fried fritters, candy wrapped in aluminum and other foods, drink less canned soft drinks
3. Some medicines are made of aluminum-containing substances and should be taken less frequently.