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The birthplace of glass and aluminum "Jianli" to build "the capital of the world"

Dong Xing aluminummanufacturerchina.com 2018-03-06 11:47:19
On the production line, workers are nervously producing, the construction site is booming, the construction vehicles are moving back and forth, and a steel factory building is rising. The central China glass aluminum industrial park (6061 aluminum sheet on sale), Located in the Jianli Economic Development Zone, presents a happy atmosphere or "industrial opening".

In southern Guangxi group as "carrier", Xin Xin aluminum, aluminum, keldorn Wanxin steel and other enterprises as the "ship" return "aluminum carrier" is taking shape, set sail.

Jianli is a famous hometown or glass and aluminum. Since 80s of last century, one hundred thousand people engaged in the aluminum industry, accounting for more than 60% of the national market share. It has become the main force of the national aluminum industry. In recent years, Jianli county to build China (International) aluminum glass industrial park, integrating all the advantages of resources, industrial xingxian.

In March 2017, Peng Xiaolong, chairman of Guangxi Nan GUI Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd., returned home. He invested in the construction of Nan GUI aluminum industry in Jianli. He founded the South Guangxi group and headquartered in Jianli.

Return to the industry leader in southern Guangxi aluminum, picking up the central aluminum aluminum banner, but also brought back a high-tech aluminum glass, driven by Bose aluminum industry is booming.

South Guangxi Group invested nearly 1 billion yuan in the central China Aluminum and glass industrial park, and the international first-class vertical spray workshop, vertical oxidation workshop and wood grain transfer printing workshop, core production and processing base, and built centralized sewage treatment the core matching of the park.

In the park, South Guangxi group also offers a variety of activities, wide open innovation business model, enterprises only need to invest in production equipment, asset light, can bag check, the short three months, half a year long, can produce. This mode reduces the investment costs and more than 30% of investment costs. The entry enterprises can get rapid development.
Small and medium sized aluminum processing enterprises in China Aluminum glass industrial park development, but also the aluminum processing enterprises, small scale production process brought about by the low level of product cost, product quality, energy consumption and emissions, environmental production and other issues, so as to realize the central glass aluminum production industry park, ecological sustainable development.

Small input, large output, high efficiency, light assets, this new development mode has attracted Guangdong, Guangxi, Tianmen, Honghu enterprises to invest in Thailand enterprises supervision, who also, demand development opportunities.

In order to launch the Jianli aluminum glass return business, attract the aluminum glass industry leading enterprises (Aluminum sheet manufacturer china) To join the industrial park, Jianli County hit "return business card", seize the opportunity of entrepreneurs returning home for Spring Festival, held a gathering at the glassy aluminum entrepreneurs. In February 18, 2018, the third day of new year, the seventh session of the county of aluminum entrepreneurs gathering during the establishment of the Hubei Jianli (Jing Chu) glass aluminum Association, Peng Xiaolong was elected as the president of aluminum association . On the same day, 10 enterprises signed and contracted the central China glass aluminum industrial park. At present, the enterprises have 27, put into operation 6, are building 14, and 16 are intentional enterprises.

This year, the central China glass aluminum industrial park plans to start the building of a comprehensive building of R & D center, display center and service reception center. In addition, the investment and construction market trading center provide customers with a one-stop shopping experience."In the zone of support, at present, the first phase of 2000 acres of land for the park has two new garden projects, 3000 acres, 10 thousand acres or long-term planning, the next three years industrial park to build Mu ecological aluminum base , To achieve one hundred billion output value, tax chaobaiyi. "Peng Xiaolong, chairman of China China (International) glass aluminum industrial park, told reporters confidently.Jianli county Party Secretary Huang Zhen said that Bose aluminum industry is a pillar industry or Jianli's largest, will give the power of the county to support China (International) the development of aluminum industry park expansion, further build entrepreneurial platform, to create the most excellent investment environment, the most preferential investment policies, and strive in the next five years will be built in Jianli "the world aluminum".