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Ventilation does not blow formaldehyde, and it is correct to choose all aluminum furniture.

  • Author:Dong Xing
  • Release on:2018-03-07
The main source of pollution in the indoor environment is the formaldehyde called "the first killer of indoor pollution", which has a period of 3-15 years of volatilization. Many consumers often stay in a new home after six months of ventilation, so a safety accident that endangering the health of the family has occurred.
So, is the long-term use of all aluminum furniture harmful to the body? The answer, of course, is negative. All aluminum furniture(Aluminum coil manufacturer china) hit "environmental health" to "healthy Home Furnishing concept," formaldehyde is generally included in the traditional wooden furniture for adhesive splicing, where the use of adhesives, where the formaldehyde release amount is large, it is difficult to avoid the problem of wood furniture.
Therefore, for a healthy home life, the priority is to choose all aluminum furniture without formaldehyde pollution. First of all, all aluminum furniture is made of aluminum alloy. The metal properties of aluminum alloy decide that it is far away from formaldehyde. Secondly, all aluminum furniture does not add any chemical substances such as adhesives and other adhesives in the process of assembling and assembling. It is obvious that all aluminum furniture has no problem of formaldehyde pollution, and the long-term use of all aluminum furniture(Aluminum foil for household) will not be harmful to health.

Environmental protection is the key

In terms of "flexibility", wooden furniture is joined by adhesives together, and it becomes a whole. Bulky, transportation and cleaning have become a puzzle for consumers. Different from this, the quality of all aluminum furniture is light and easy to move, and it can also be disassembled conveniently and quickly. This greatly facilitates the cleaning and maintenance of all aluminum furniture, so that the life of all aluminum furniture has been extended.
For long term use, long term use of all aluminum furniture will not be harmful to health, but many traditional wooden furniture not only has plagued formaldehyde pollution, but even the practical value of "long-term use" is hard to achieve. Many wooden furniture will be damaged and cracked after a period of use.
This is because the wood furniture is not fireproof and moisture-proof, it is also easily affected by worm moth. Especially in the wet environment such as kitchen and bathroom, the life of wooden furniture is much worse. By the aluminum furniture(Aluminum foil 1145-O supplier), fire proof, stable, durable, 50 years can not be deformed or damp under normal circumstances.
For product hedging, after 50 years' long-term use, all aluminum furniture can be recycled and recycled even if it has been eliminated. Metal can turn waste into treasure, and wood can only be thrown away or burned after use. The great advantage of all aluminum furniture from this preservation is also incomparable to that of wooden furniture.