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Why is the patterned aluminum plate so beautiful? Density is the key!

  • Author:Dong Xing
  • Release on:2018-03-05
The 3004-O aluminum plate is equivalent to the floor? No, it's not the same as the floor. The home floor is usually smooth as the mirror, but the corrosion resistance, even the antiskid performance and the hardness are all compared to the aluminum plate. The pattern aluminum represents more 'beautiful', you pass the heavy traffic in the city, raise the head will see skyscrapers, but the appearance of the building is the aluminum plate. You walk around the house, but you don't know that the appearance of fridge, microwave oven and stereo is also aluminum. Your furniture, cupboards, your eyes are dazzled, and you see all the aluminum plates.

Is the Aluminum plate 7075/ 6061/2024 with a thickness of more than 0.2mm to 500mm, 200mm width, length less than 16m aluminum material called aluminum plate or aluminum sheet, aluminum is below 0.2mm, 200mm within the width of the row material or bar (of course, with the progress of the large equipment, the width can be 600mm row material also more). Aluminum sheet is a rectangular plate made of aluminum ingot rolled. It is divided into pure aluminum plate, aluminum alloy plate, thin aluminum plate and medium thick aluminum plate.

Maybe you will be dismissive. What's good about the decorative aluminum plate? Can he still achieve the best? Everything has its own advantages. As long as you have eyes that are good at finding beauty, let's take Xiaobian to tell you the most of the aluminum pattern.
1, the pattern 5754H22 aluminum plate can be recycled and reused, which is favorable for environmental protection. Aluminum plate can be recycled 100%, different from glass, stone, ceramic, aluminum plastic plate and other decorative materials, the recovery of the high value.

2. The pattern aluminum plate is light weight, good steel, high strength 3.0mm thick aluminum plate per square back weight 8kg, tensile strength 100-280n/mm2.

3. The process is good. With the first finishing process, the aluminum plate can be machined into a variety of complex geometric shapes, such as plane, arc and spherical surface.

4, the coating is uniform and the color is varied. The advanced electrostatic spraying technology makes the paint and aluminum plate attach evenly and uniformly, and the color is varied, and the choice of space is big.

5, good weatherability and corrosion resistance. The PVDF fluorocarbon paint using kynar-500 and hylur500 as the base can reach 25 years without leg color.

6. The installation and construction are convenient and quick. The aluminum plate is formed in the factory. The construction site does not need to be cut, and it can be fixed on the skeleton.

7, the pattern aluminum plate is not easily tarnished, easy to clean and maintain. The non stickiness of the fluorine coating film makes it difficult to attach the surface to the contaminants, and it is better to be clean.

To see these, do you think it's amazing? Everything has its own magical side. The aluminum pattern is only one of the aluminum elements, but it can play such a brilliant and admirable.