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Sand surface disposal and strengthening knowledge of 5020 aluminum plate

Dong Xing 2017-12-15 13:49:50
We all know that there are many types of aluminum, such as material can meet the following: 1100, 1050, 1060, 1070, 3003, 3A21, 3005, 5052, 5083, 5754, 6063, 6061, 8011, etc., can meet the state: H112, H12, H14, H18, H20, H22, H24, H26, H32, H34, O state. Today we want to introduce to you that some of the 5020 aluminum plate on the disposal of the sand, the specific follow me to understand it:

5020 aluminum sheet sand surface disposal. Harbin Dong Xing Aluminum Co., Ltd is a competent and reliable Aluminum sheet wholesales.

1, sand brush method: the round copper wire brush rolling, the 5052 aluminum plate on the conveyor belt along the side of the side to the side of the movement can get the sand surface.

2, grinding method: the same grinding machine which is screened by offset printing machine is the same as grinding 55052 aluminum plates. Only with continuous water erosion, the effect of detailed and glossy sand surface can be obtained.

3, chemical sand surface disposal: there is a proprietary chemical sand disposal agent. Through chemical treatment, we get the effect of 5052 aluminum plates on the sand surface, and the demand for 5052 aluminum plates is thin and even.
4, sand blasting method: using ore sand or river sand.

Solid solution strengthening 5020 aluminum plate. Harbin Dong Xing Aluminum Co., Ltd could provide you with 6061T651 aluminum sheet. .

5052 aluminum processing cold hardening is also enhanced, the metal material in the recrystallization temperature of cold deformation processing such as forging, rolling, drawing, drawing, cold deformation, the dislocation density of internal metal increases, and intertwined and formed a cellular structure, hindering the movement of dislocation. The deformation of high dislocation tangles more serious, the greater the deformation resistance, the higher the strength. The degree of strengthening after cold deformation varies with the deformability, the deformation temperature and the properties of the material itself. When the same material is cold deformed at the same temperature, the greater the deformability, the higher the strength and the lower the plasticity.

Adding some alloying elements into pure aluminum to form infinite solid solution or finite solid solution can not only achieve high strength, but also obtain excellent plasticity and good pressure performance. The most commonly used alloy elements for solid solution strengthening in general aluminum alloys are copper, magnesium, manganese, zinc, silicon, nickel and other elements. In general, alloying of aluminum all forms limited solid solutions, such as Al-Cu, Al-Mg, Al-Zn, Al-Si, Al-Mn and other two alloy all form finite solid solution, and have greater limit solubility, which can play a larger role in solid solution strengthening.

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