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Is the use of aluminum products harmful to the body for a long time?

  • Author:Dong Xing
  • Source:Dong Xing
  • Release on:2018-06-29
Here I just talk about aluminum on the human body.

Aluminum is not an essential element of the human body. When the human body lacks aluminum, it will not cause any damage to the human body. On the contrary, aluminum salt can cause human poisoning. As early as 1965, Krazo discovered for the first time in aluminum-intoxicated rabbit brains that neurodegenerative fibrous tangles were present in senile dementia. However, they were of great concern. Until 1973, according to the results of the study, he pointed out that the increase in the amount of aluminum in the cat's cerebral cortex caused the cat to have obvious brain dysfunction, which awakened people's awareness.

Al has a toxic effect on living organisms, and is particularly toxic to the human body. Soluble aluminum compounds are toxic to most plants. Aluminum compounds dissolved in the water of acidic soils make normal crops difficult to grow normally. Usually when the dissolved aluminum reaches 10-20PPM or more, the plant will show signs of aluminum toxicity. Aluminum in the soil can combine with soluble phosphate to form insoluble aluminum phosphate, causing plants to die of phosphorus deficiency. Aluminum can also dehydrate the plant cell protoplasts and then destroy and die. The combination of aluminum and pectin in the cell wall enhances the cross-linking structure of pectin, which prevents the plants from absorbing water and nutrients. Aluminum is also closely related to the minerals such as calcium and phosphorus in plants. It can inhibit the absorption and accumulation of calcium and phosphorus in general plants, as well as their absorption and accumulation of elements such as potassium, magnesium, iron, manganese, copper and zinc. Aluminum is also toxic to aquatic animals. When the pH value is about 5, it deposits in the form of aluminum hydroxide in the fish gills, making it difficult for oxygen to enter the bloodstream, and causes the salt concentration in the fish body to be misaligned, causing the fish to die. The toxic concentration of aluminum to aquatic animals is generally more than 70 μg/l. The increase in the aluminum content in the water body will cause a large amount of organic matter to agglomerate, causing aquatic animals to die due to lack of nutrition. Aluminum can precipitate phosphorus, posing a serious threat to aquatic animals.

Once the aluminum salt enters the body, it is deposited in the brain first, which may lead to brain damage and severe memory loss. This is a symptom unique to Alzheimer's disease. The researchers involved in the work said that experiments with rats showed that after drinking only one cup of aluminum salt-treated water, their brain aluminum levels reached measurable levels. Studies on mice have found that trace amounts of aluminum mixed in drinking water enter the brain of rats and gradually accumulate there. The researchers' study of patients with dementia found that 30% of the neocortex area contains more than 4 micrograms/gram (dry weight) of aluminum in the brain, and that the amount of aluminum in the patient's brain neurons is 4 times that of healthy people. Up to 30 times. Researchers believe that if aluminum accumulates in the brain over time, it will kill the neuron and cause people's memory to be lost. A scientist said: We have been drinking aluminum-purified water and eating foods containing aluminum salts throughout our lives. Therefore, when we are very old, we have accumulated a lot of aluminum in our body. He pointed out that the incidence of Alzheimer's disease has risen worldwide in the past 70 years. He said that aluminum is also used in food emulsifiers.

Aluminum can directly damage the activity of osteoblasts, thereby inhibiting bone matrix synthesis. At the same time, the absorption of aluminum by the digestive system has led to an increase in the excretion of urinary calcium and an insufficient amount of calcium in the human body. Aluminum constantly accumulates in the human body and performs physiological functions, and can also cause encephalopathy, bone disease, kidney disease, and non-iron deficiency anemia.

There are three main ways to prevent aluminum from harming: First, it is recommended that urban water companies be responsible for their own responsibility to the people. Do not use aluminium salt [such as potassium aluminum sulfate (KAI(SO4)2) as a water purifying agent; Aluminum products as cooking utensils; Third, eat less foods containing aluminum salt additives (such as fritters).

Then, in daily life, how do we prevent a large amount of "invasion" of aluminum?

Use aluminum cookware correctly. Due to the aluminum bedding, it is light, soft, easy to scratch, and can react slowly with sugar, salt, acid, alkali, wine, etc. to overflow more aluminum, thus increasing people's chances of ingesting aluminum. Therefore, it is not necessary to store salt, acid and alkali foods in aluminum cooking utensils for too long. Aluminum scoops, aluminum scoops and other utensils are not used because they produce aluminum shavings that are invisible to the naked eye during long-term scraping and cooking(Aluminum coil for car parts manufacture). These aluminum shavings can enter the body with the entrance of meals. Aluminum pots use bamboo spoons or non-toxic plastic spoons to hold rice. It is recommended that the conditional households do not use aluminum cooking utensils. In addition to using iron pans and casseroles, stainless steel cooking utensils must be used. Because stainless steel products have stable metal properties and are harmless to the human body.

Do not eat foods that contain more aluminum. Eat or not eat foods such as oil cakes, fritters, pastries, breads, and biscuits made with aluminum-containing food additives. For example, to eat fritters, each oil treaty contains 10mg of aluminum, eat two a day, intake of aluminum 600mg a month, 10 times the normal amount of aluminum in the human body. The content of aluminum in tap water is minimal, and it meets national health and safety standards and can be safely consumed.

Eat brain food and do fitness activities. On the one hand, you can eat more brain foods such as walnuts, sesame, mung beans, etc. On the other hand, in order to prevent senile dementia, you should also strengthen brain training, read more books, think more, play more often, and talk more with people. Participate in sports activities suitable for the elderly and more.

Some substances are contained in the human body, but when these substances do not have any effect on the human body, on the contrary, when these substances have a high content in the human body, they will cause harm to the human body. Due to the widespread use of aluminum products in daily life and the extensive use of aluminum salt purified water, the aluminum content in the human body is higher.