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Development trend of aluminum alloy doors and windows industry

  • Author:Dong Xing
  • Release on:2017-11-24
With the rapid development of the national economy over the past few years, the construction industry gradually tends to be saturated, and the competition in the industry has become more and more intense. The market competition behind, this is the grim fact that every enterprise faces.

So, in the next few years, China's building curtain wall, aluminum alloy doors and windows industry should develop what? Aluminum alloy doors and windows products in the future? How should enterprises develop new products?
For many years, all kinds of doors and windows of our country are always hovering in the vicious circle of low grade and low price. This strange phenomenon is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1, plastic doors and windows can replace other types of doors and windows(7075 aluminum plate on sale): plastic doors and windows in the insulation has incomparable advantages, but in terms of the current technology, any material doors and windows can be made insulation energy-saving doors and windows.

2, a large number of use of sliding window: in recent years, China's building doors and windows in the use of push and pull windows is particularly large. In fact, the physical performance of doors and windows, the push-pull window of the performance is the worst, especially in the insulation and sealing performance is worse. The state should vigorously promote the use of casement window.

3, the reasonable price of China's doors and windows should be the number of doors and windows of all types of buildings in China is always in the low grade, low price of the vicious circle. It seems that everyone believes that the current price of China's building doors and windows should be about 200-250 yuan /m2. But insiders said that the price of 200/ M2 doors and windows, whether it is aluminum alloy doors and windows, or plastic steel doors and windows, or color plate doors and windows are unable to produce good quality products. 
Actively promote the development of new materials, new technology, on the part of the poor quality of products and materials to implement the mandatory elimination, to carry out international cooperation, the introduction of foreign advanced technology and products to accelerate China's construction technology progress, save energy, is the direction of development in the next few years Aluminum Alloy doors and windows.

4, the development of high quality Aluminum Alloy insulation doors and windows(3104-O aluminum lamp coil): the heat aluminum can be used multiple forms of "layering technology" and "art", his work in "aluminum +PVC" composite aluminum window frame. Heat preservation doors and windows of aluminum alloy were firstly popularized in the northern area, and public buildings in south of the Yellow River must also use hollow glass aluminum alloy doors and windows with good performance.

5, vigorously promote the use of insulating glass; China's use of insulating glass is less than 1%, in the south of the Yellow River almost no use. And the quality of insulating glass used in most areas of northern China is poor.

6, high-rise buildings are not easy to use plastic doors and windows; test shows that, because the plastic elastic modulus is low, the strength is poor, should not be used in high-rise buildings and wind pressure value of the larger areas.

7, the development of energy-saving doors and windows must abandon the traditional mode of economic planning only to promote a single species, not to mention the development of energy-saving doors and windows only plastic doors and windows. To develop all kinds of doors and windows comprehensively, all types of doors and windows can be popularized as long as the performance meets the energy conservation requirements.