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Extensive benefits of lunch boxes and foil containers

  • Author:Dong Xing
  • Release on:2017-11-27
When the environment continues to deteriorate, who will guarantee this day? Well, the answer is Foil manufacturer ChinaBecause it has the following benefits.

1. Non-toxic raw materials, quality and safety.
After the multi-pass rolling aluminum foil, made from the original aluminum alloy, does not contain heavy metals and other harmful substances. In the process of producing aluminum foil, the sterilization process is carried out at high temperatures, aluminum foil can be safely exposed to food, bacteria can not breed or help grow. In most circumstances, 1235 aluminum foil in China Do not react with food. In the market, a large number of plastic lunch boxes are raw materials unknown, and even fake and shoddy materials and waste plastics, quality and reliability is difficult to guarantee. Once the plastic cutlery is added with calcium carbonate, talc, industrial wax and recycled waste, the product's evaporation residue (n-hexane) exceeds the standard. In July 2013, AQSIQ, SAIC and Food and Drug Administration issued special notice on strengthening the supervision and management of disposable foam tableware. In some places, laws and regulations have been formulated to limit the use of non-biodegradable plastic dishes in one-time use to protect the environment and prevent the plasticizers from harming society and the human body.

2. Easy heating, heating does not produce harmful substances.
Aluminum foil with high electrical conductivity minimizes the time and energy associated with food processing, refrigeration and twice heating. Aluminum foil has good thermal stability. In the process of processing and packaging, aluminum foil containers can withstand the temperature changes. At -20 ℃ ~ 250 ℃ high and low temperature conditions, the molecular structure is stable. Operating temperature can be quickly frozen to the limit and barbecue. During this period, the aluminum foil will not be deformed, cracked, melted or burned, nor will it produce harmful substances. Separated with high temperature aluminum foil fire and smoke, food can be burned carcinogen. Lunch boxes and containers made of aluminum foil are suitable for high temperature sterilization and heat treatment. Aluminum Containers Containers can be varied, including heating, using a variety of ovens, ovens, anaerobic heaters, steamers, steamers, microwave ovens (which must be lit and roasted) and foil-wrapped pressure cookers for heating food. Related companies have supported the development of two aluminum foil containers heating equipment and packaging machines, can significantly improve the efficiency of distribution catering business, to ensure food quality. On the other hand, plastic boxes and containers are significantly lower than the high temperature performance 8079 aluminum foil in China They are exposed to food at high temperature, water or high temperature heating will release harmful substances affecting human health. Foam lunchbox made of polystyrene material. The polystyrene material has a softening point of 87 to 97 degrees Celsius. Therefore, it can not be used at temperatures higher than 80 degrees.

3. forming easy, easy to seal and coating to ensure food hygiene
Foil has good formability, will not tear in the stamping process, and even folded into the bending parts. According to the need to choose different shapes, thicknesses, alloys and heat treatment conditions of aluminum foil, to accurately reflect the use of the product. Foil containers and containers can use the same material is aluminum foil lid, the lid can also use paper or other materials, it is easy to change and use the characteristics of wrinkles in order to achieve good sealing, insulation and storage capacity, to avoid food spills Or contaminated, reduce food waste.

For large delivery companies and the central kitchen distribution, aluminum foil lunch box manufacturers to develop automatic capping equipment can improve the efficiency of the delivery, the effect is obviously better than other meal boxes.