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U.S. Ruling China's Aluminum Foil Products Have Dumping Behavior

  • Author:Dong Xing
  • Release on:2018-05-18
According to Xinhua News Agency, Washington, reported on February 28th, the US Department of Commerce announced the final results on the 27th and determined that there are dumping and subsidies for aluminum foil products(8079 aluminum foil in china) imported from China.

The U.S. Department of Commerce issued a statement on the 27th, saying that the current dumping rate of aluminum foil products exported from China to the United States is 48.64% to 106.09%, and the subsidy rate is 17.17% to 80.97%.
According to the US procedure, if the US International Trade Commission finalizes the ruling in April that the products imported from China cause substantive damage or threats to the US related industries, the US Department of Commerce will require the US Customs and Border Protection Agency to impose anti-dumping measures on relevant products. And countervailing (double reverse) tariffs. Otherwise, the U.S. Department of Commerce will stop the investigation.

In response to a complaint filed by the Aluminum Industry Association’s Trade Law Enforcement Working Group, the U.S. Department of Commerce launched a “double counter” survey on aluminum foil products(Aluminum coating foil on sale) imported from China last March.

According to data from the US Department of Commerce, in 2016, the amount of such products imported from China by the United States was approximately 389 million U.S. dollars.

Wang Hejun, head of the Trade Relief Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China, stated that from the investigation process and results, the United States still ignores WTO rules and seriously damages the interests of Chinese aluminum foil export enterprises. The Chinese side expresses strong dissatisfaction. He said that with regard to the wrong practices of the United States, China will take the necessary measures to safeguard its legitimate rights and interests.

Wang Hejun emphasized that aluminum companies in the United States have withdrawn from Aluminum honeycomb foil production with low added value as early as 20 years ago, and turned to higher profit aluminum products. Therefore, the decline in the output of aluminum foil in the United States and the decrease in market share are commercial choices for American companies. , is not caused by imported aluminum foil.

He said that the US’s unreasonable and excessive use of trade remedy measures will not only fail to achieve a “rejuvenation” of the US aluminum foil industry, but will also affect US employment and damage the welfare of the majority of US consumers.