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The monthly production and sales of the aluminum foil in western Fujian reached a record high

Dong Xing aluminummanufacturerchina.com 2018-05-17 09:50:06
The re-transmission of the Aluminum honeycomb foil in the west of Fujian Province, after a high output of 1,226 tons in a single month of last year, has just reached a record high in March and the monthly output exceeded the 1,500-ton mark, setting a record for higher monthly production since the plant was built.
In this month, the management staff of the aluminum foil(8011 aluminum foil on sale) at all levels in the west of Fujian Province and the entire staff united with each other and firmly grasped the development theme of rapidly increasing the scale of production and sales. With firm confidence and careful organization, only 1,500 tons of production and sales were resolutely achieved. The task worked hard. In this war without gun smoke, the marketing department first sounded the horn of charge. In the short period of more than one month after the Spring Festival, the marketing team fully implemented the marketing strategy formulated at the company's work conference at the beginning of the year. In the fierce market, many unfavorable factors were overcome. Soldiers broke through, seized the market, served customers, and worked hard. They lived up to success and accumulated water became a source. Luxi's independent orders soared rapidly, including large-scale assembly. Annual orders, as well as new product orders with higher added value, laid the foundation for the company's rapid increase in production scale.

March was also the first month since the company’s workshop management reform was formally implemented. Through the workshop system reform, the management radius was reduced, and the on-site management work was effectively strengthened. The number of production passes and the integration between the processes became closer and lessened. With the phenomenon of conflict between production, equipment, and technology, all personnel gradually found a position that suits them and promoted the spirit of “putting high-quality production tasks first”, overcoming difficulties such as personnel tension, and taking the initiative. Working overtime to complete the work, the spirit of the staff has undergone a qualitative change, greatly improving the efficiency of work processes and work quality, to provide a guarantee for the successful completion of production tasks. While the 1,500-ton production task was completed in March, the research and development of new products did not fall. The research and development of high value-added single zero foil and double zero foil products achieved substantial breakthroughs this month.

The monthly production and sales of 1,500 tons is a big step in the production and operation process of the Luxi company. Through the arduous efforts of all staff, we have stepped up and proved that this team is a combat-rich team and can play tough games. The team that can win the battle. Next, we will firmly grasp the development trend of both production and sales, with the power of the Rolling Stones to further serve the end-users, further refine the production organization, further give play to the advantages of the equipment, further enhance product quality, and work together, and concentrating. Efforts were made to increase the scale of production and sales of 3003H14 aluminum foil in western Yunnan and improve business performance.