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The product which Dongguan tailored do for "aluminum material"

Dong Xing aluminummanufacturerchina.com 2018-03-20 10:25:34
In the past 50 years, aluminum and its alloys have become the more widely used metals in the world. In particular, aluminum alloys have become a class of nonferrous metal structural materials that are widely used in industry and have been widely used in aviation, aerospace, automotive, machinery manufacturing, marine and chemical industries. As an important auxiliary material in the metal processing process, the traditional cutting fluid and cleaning agent can no longer meet the processing requirements of aluminum materials(5052H32 aluminum plate), because aluminum, aluminum alloy material is softer, more viscous, high chemical affinity, easy to occur in the cutting process The phenomenon of sticking knife, which leads to the occurrence of rust after the processing of urushi and white spots, greatly affects the processing effect; Similarly, due to the strong activeness of aluminum in the cleaning process, the oxidation reaction easily occurs during the cleaning process, so that it is easy to produce White spots, yellow robes, tears and other issues. Therefore, the processing of aluminum alloys has always been a difficult problem to solve. In view of this, Innar has specially developed a special cutting fluid and cleaning agent for aluminum materials.
Aluminum special(3104-O aluminum lamp coil) cutting fluid: INNERCL106, INNERES406, these two cutting fluids add a special slow release factor, can prevent aluminum and alloy processing after the black, white spot corrosion, aluminum alloy has excellent corrosion protection, effectively prevent The surface of the workpiece is blackened and oxidized, and the processing surface is bright, greatly optimizing the processing results.
Aluminum material (Aluminum sheet for boat 5083)special cleaning agent: INNER CL806, this product has enhanced rust resistance, completely solved the aluminum alloy prone to white spots, yellow robes, tears and other issues. At the same time, its excellent cleaning effect makes the surface of the workpiece clean and new, and completely environmentally friendly, safe and reliable.
At present, Innar's special products for aluminum materials have been recognized and favored by the majority of users, and Innal will, as always, develop new, practical, and highly efficient products in the spirit of solving problems and serving customers with all our heart and soul.