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Aluminum may be an important substitute for building materials

  • Author:Dong Xing
  • Release on:2018-03-21
The aluminum deck is 80% lighter than concrete and does not require additional bridge elements to provide additional bridge width and capacity. Corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy bridge decks(6061 aluminum sheet on sale) require minimal paint and maintenance, and use deicing chemicals where it is more suitable than steel or concrete.

Aluminum is a fast, cost-effective building. In contrast, concrete usually requires a lot of stencils and curing time. The low temperature toughness makes aluminum an ideal road and bridge structure in cold climates. Aluminum has new, easy-to-repair properties for performance in the United States and Europe. Bridges in North America combined with aluminum decks or superstructures were originally built in the 1940s. More than 50 aluminum alloy bridges have been built in Europe, and this number is still increasing year by year. Because aluminum is lighter than steel and concrete, it does not require painting or protective coating, and it reduces maintenance and installation time, thereby reducing costs. Aluminum(Aluminum sheet manufacturer china) has obvious advantages over other materials.
Aluminium is an ideal material that can increase the width without increasing the load on the bridge. It is a kind of movable bridge, bridge and road with narrow decks. Because seismic forces are proportional to weight, aluminum is also an excellent bridge seismic reinforcement. The new aluminum panel system requires factory prefabrication, welding, and has the use of extruded deck panels and shops for surface wear construction. Prefabricated aluminum deck panels can be installed faster than other systems without the need for on-site welding.

In 2009, shipments of 2.13 billion pounds of aluminum products accounted for 11.9% of total shipments in the construction market. Today, aluminum(5083 aluminum plate on sale) is widely used in both commercial and residential buildings for window and door frames, exterior cladding, plywood, gutters and downspouts, and roofing. The potential new applications for aluminum are in the country's infrastructure, such as bridges and oil rigs. In many cases, the durability of low-weight, high-strength, and aluminum alloys makes aluminum attractive to construction contractors.