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Russia expresses dissatisfaction with the ban on aerospace engines

Dong Xing aluminummanufacturerchina.com 2018-04-08 10:32:10
In March of this year, US President Trump signed a decree announcing the imposition of tariffs on all imported steel and aluminum products(Aluminum sheet for boat 5083) including China and Russia. According to the report of the Russian Federal News Agency on April 3, Vyacheslav Holodkov, Director of the International Economic Research Office of the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies, commented that Russia can learn from China’s experience and limit the need for exporting to the US aviation industry. In addition to titanium and aluminum alloys(5083 aluminum sheet china), it is also possible to restrict the sale of Russian-made rocket engines to the United States. "This move will cause a major blow to the US aerospace industry."
Holodkov said that the total volume of bilateral trade between Russia and the United States is about 20 billion U.S. dollars, and metal products occupy an important part of it. In 2017, Russia’s total exports of steel products to the United States totaled approximately US$2.7 billion and exports of aluminum products (1100 aluminum coil on sale)totaled approximately US$1.5 billion. “In the countries that export steel and aluminum products to the United States, Russia ranks third and fourth.” He added that under such circumstances, the countries that have suffered losses will be bypassing the World Trade Organization and adopting protectionist measures rather than the country of production.

Holodkov emphasized that Russia can learn from China’s experience and take multilateral countermeasures against the United States. For example, complaining to the WTO and bringing a lawsuit to a US court ... He added that Russia can restrict the export of titanium alloys to U.S. aircraft manufacturing, including military aircraft, and even limit the U.S. exports to Russia, which is heavily dependent on the space industry. Rocket engine.

According to media reports, many of the major US carrier rockets use Russian-made RD-180/181 rocket engines. Russian experts also stated that the renunciation of the use of Russian-made rocket engines will cause a heavy blow to the US aviation industry, especially the launch of US military satellites. In the next few years, the United States will not be able to find an engine that can replace the Russian RD-180.