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Canadian Prime Minister: "Never accept" the United States to impose tariffs

  • Author:Dong Xing
  • Release on:2018-03-23
According to Xinhua News Agency, Ottawa, March 2, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said on the second that "the United States government will not accept tariffs on imported steel and aluminum products (7075T651 aluminum plate), And warned that the movement in the US will seriously damage the two national relations.
Trudeau said during the press conference that the United States and Canada are absolutely unacceptable to impose new tariffs on steel or aluminum. He also stressed that, taking into account the level of security cooperation between the two countries, the United States can not exaggerate rates based on national security.

In 2017, Canada was the largest importer of steel and aluminum (Aluminum foil manufacturer china) In the United States, and 16% of imported steel from the United States came from Canada.

US President Trump first announced that he will introduce specific measures next week to set rates of 25% and 10% respectively on imports of steel and aluminum products, and that tariffs will remain "for a long time".

As soon as the news became known, the Canadian Minister of International Trade Shang Pagne immediately declared that any tariff or quota imposed by the United States on the Canadian steel is "unacceptable". The Canadian Foreign Minister, Freeland, is also difficult to define. "If the United States imposes restrictions on Canadian steel and aluminum products (Aluminum plate for boat 5083), Canada will take measures to protect its trade interests and employees. "