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Aluminum waste tariffs have less impact on the supply of household aluminum waste

  • Author:Dong Xing
  • Release on:2018-05-08
Since 2 April 2018, China suspended the excise duties on seven categories of 128 imported goods originating in the United States, imposed tariffs on the basis of the currently applicable tariffs and tariffs imposed on 120 imported products such as fruit and products. At 15%, the tariff on imports of 8 imported products such as pork and waste aluminum (5083 aluminum plate on sale) Is 25%. China GoldNet is of the opinion that the total amount of aluminum scrap that China imports from the United States is limited, and that the scrap aluminum imported from other import countries can more than meet its own consumer demand. With regard to the high US tariff imposed on aluminum waste, the supply of household scrap aluminum has no clear impact.
For the imported aluminum scrap, it is subdivided into three methods: general trade, incoming processing and processing of incoming assemblies. The latter two are generally called incoming processing. From a policy point of view, after this tariff adjustment, the import tariff of American scrap aluminum is 25%, while the processing trade does not have to pay customs duties. That is why the share of American imported aluminum scrap (Aluminum coil manufacturer china) Processing trade will increase.

According to customs data, the current share of manufacturing trade in the United States is still only below 50% and follow-up will increase. The amount of aluminum scrap imported from the United States is more limited than the total amount of aluminum scrap processed by China, and relative space is still relatively limited. It has yet to be completed in other regions. According to a study on the use of imported scrap aluminum (1100 aluminum coil for sale) Recyclable companies, the current method to add tariffs to aluminum waste is still the use of aluminum waste from the USA for the processing of imported materials, while the deficit is passed on by other countries and domestic. The addition of aluminum scrap is still a test for the domestic supply of aluminum scrap, which is already tense. In the short term, prices for household scrap aluminum will remain solid.