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Reasons for Cooling Bending of Aluminum Foil

  • Author:Dong Xing
  • Release on:2017-10-13
With the use of insulation aluminum roll in the construction, the use of cars and other aspects of the increasingly added, the shape of aluminum foil is also increasingly diversified and complex, but in the insulation of the aluminum volume of the cooling material in the cooling bed will appear to the hollow or wall thickness Thick part of the twists and turns of the appearance, the following for you to introduce the reasons for bending: 

1, the general air-cooled conditions, all parts of the insulation and air touch the heat transfer coefficient are flat, but because the wall thickness or shape is not the same, the various parts of the heat dissipation is not flat, so thick wall or hollow tube cooling. The speed is slower than the thin wall; 

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2, the choice of part of the high-pressure air mist cooling, because there are two kinds of air and water heat transfer medium, and the water heat transfer coefficient than the air, it can improve the cooling speed; 

3, high pressure air will be water atomization, adding water and profile touch the appearance of the product, together with the destruction of water and high temperature profiles when the vapor film occurred, improve the heat transfer efficiency; 

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4, high-pressure gas mist nozzle has a strong direction, the angle of the aerosol is about 25 ° ~ 30 °, can be part of the cooling without affecting the other parts of the aluminum foil.

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