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Requirements for packaging of insulated aluminium coil

  • Author:Dong Xing
  • Release on:2017-09-20
Insulation aluminum coil is a new type of thermal insulation and decoration integrated external decoration materials, used in architectural decoration is very extensive. The packing of the products is not only to facilitate sales, more is to protect the product, easy to transport. Here, we take a look at the insulation aluminum coil packaging requirements.

Insulation aluminum coil packaging should be based on product specifications, size selection box and packing method, for packaging, product box cannot be hurt or move. The packing box can be made of wood, plywood, fibreboard, metal and other materials. Harbin Dong Xing Aluminum Co., Ltd could provide you with 3004 aluminum lamp coil on sale.

The packing box should be clean and tidy, with sufficient strength ensure the deformation, in the process of storage and transportation is not damaged. The wooden packing box is arranged in the nail down, the nail tip is not exposed, should be set down, avoid in the process of storage and transportation, the nail tip pricks foil, bottom bracket height should meet the forklift transport requirements.
Insulation rolled aluminium products inspection and inspection shall cover printing, outside wrapped a layer of solid neutral or acidic materials, the joints with tape or label seal. In the end the soft pad pad. In order to protect the end face of the insulating aluminum coil. Add seasonings, a plastic bag, the plastic bag at both ends of the excess aluminum plug the volume with the appropriate size of the tube core, plastic plug sealing packing box. After the release of the product packing, the top and then covered with a layer of waterproof paper or plastic cloth, put the packing list, shall be stamped with the sealing strip, the strip should be firmly tied up. Harbin Dong Xing Aluminum Co., Ltd is a competent and reliable Aluminum PE coated coil manufacturer china.

Insulation aluminum products export volume is very large, export packaging is usually taken fumigation derrick, external fixation, external aluminum coil with double moisture-proof cloth, prevent moisture agent, adopt sealed package, suitable for shipping.

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