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Whether the prices of Chinese aluminum manufacturers are fair in terms of quality and price

  • Author:Dong Xing
  • Release on:2018-03-16
People in the consumption process will have a consumption concept: the higher the price, the better, the greater the quantity, the better, and the more solid the material, the better... Because the more materials are consumed, the corresponding price will be higher and the quality will be better. . In fact, this is not the case. Although the concept of a penny and goods has already been deeply entrenched, but simply judging the merits of the product from the price level, there is a big error, but also a wrong concept of consumption. Judging the quality of aluminum doors and windows(3004 aluminum plate on sale) must be comprehensively analyzed and considered.

Aluminum doors and windows price constitute 3 elements
Usually the price of aluminum doors and windows consists of three elements: profiles, window types, and accessories. The wall thickness of the profile has a significant impact on the price of the product. Many consumers will take it for granted that the thicker the aluminum wall thickness exceeds the national standard, the better the product quality is. it's not true.

The national standard for the wall thickness of aluminum door and window(Aluminum foil for household 1235) products is designed to ensure the safety and performance of products, and is set in accordance with the requirements of energy conservation and environmental protection. The thicker the product wall thickness is, the better the product quality is. Because of the thick wall thickness of the profile, it does not guarantee the air tightness and watertightness of the product, and the product quality is high.
Advantages and Disadvantages of Aluminum Doors and Windows
To determine the quality of an aluminum door and window product quality, we must consider the following aspects:

1, the rationality of the design of the profile; 2, the air tightness and watertightness of the product; 3, the configuration of the glass, hardware and accessories of the product. If a product's profile design is unreasonable, and airtightness and watertightness do not meet the requirements, even if its wall thickness is more than N times the national standard, it is not a good product.

Moreover, from a large point of view, excessive pursuit of the aluminum alloy (Aluminum sheet manufacturer china)wall thickness will inevitably bring serious waste of resources to the country. From a small point of view, excessively thick profiles will inevitably bring about excessive product prices and bring unnecessary economic burdens to consumers.