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The method of removing oil and removing ash in aluminum products

  • Author:Dong Xing
  • Release on:2018-01-19
The reason that affects the price of aluminum coil is the most important thing is whether the processed aluminum products are easy to remove oil and ash. Today we will have a detailed understanding of the ways of removing oil and ash from aluminum products. Harbin Dong Xing Aluminum Co., Ltd is a competent and reliable Aluminum foil manufacturer china.

At present in the aluminum products processing market has been all kinds of oil, to ash method: alkaline, acidic alkaline method; we all know that the use of caustic soda after alkali etching, polishing and dust in the nitric acid solution of 15--20, but some processing plants because there is no good way to grasp, often because of deposition of alumina the problem, as well as the concentration of nitric acid and trouble, coupled with caustic soda and nitrate are all dangerous goods, in the process of using, and the smell of caustic soda, nitrate is relatively large, the use of workers often unbearable etc.. Some processing plants use solvent to remove oil, then easy volatilization, etc., and the aluminum oil removal effect is poor, especially the squeeze and stretching oil now, composition is complex, some solvent degreasing agent cannot get rid of.

1. Soaking, removing oil and removing ash:
1, Add a small amount of tap water before use, and then immerse the aluminum product into the pool; (adjust the ash removing agent well)
2, adding aluminium products to remove oil, heat automatically in 5--10 seconds.
3, 2~3 minutes after the removal of oil, into the tap water cleaning;
4, go into ash removing agent to remove ash (time is not more than 30 seconds);
5, water cleaning - ---- drying (dry) or oxidizing.
In this process, the oil deoiling agent can be properly diluted when the heating temperature of the oil is high.
Two. Spray removal of oil and ash:
1, adding appropriate amount of water to dilute the deoiling and degreying agents, respectively.
2, adjust the angle of the nozzle well.
3, ensure the spray time (not less than 30 seconds);
4, ensure that there is circulating water washing;

The product that causes the pattern when the heat dissipation is not enough at the time of stretching and extrusion needs to extend the time when the oil is removed and the ash is removed.

After the use of the product, it has no sediment basically, it can be consumed all, less emission and less pollution. The product has no damage and no corrosion on the surface after oil removal, and the surface of the product is white after removing ash and has protective effect. There is no corrosion for 30 days (in the absence of oxidation).

In fact, the market will also be a lot of aluminum products cleaning, maintenance agents, we can also according to the performance of aluminum products to carry out the corresponding purchase. If you want to get more information about Harbin Dong Xing Aluminum Co., Ltd, please click Aluminum foil for household.