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The aviation industry boosts demand The aluminum industry may usher in a new big growth

  • Author:Dong Xing
  • Release on:2018-06-08

 At the Harbor Intelligence Aluminum Summit in Chicago, the chief executive of Kennel Aluminum stated that the US space program is an important strategic development plan for the country’s aerospace industry and will also have a major impact on aluminum demand. NASA Director Stemple said that he has discussed with aluminum companies like Blue Origin about supplying aluminum products to the U.S. space industry.

As the world leader in aluminum manufacturing, Kennel Aluminum not only supplies aluminum products for the aviation, automotive, packaging, logistics, and construction industries, but also has an absolute advantage in markets such as aviation, general engineering plates, and large backlog profiles. The aerospace industry needs light and strong metal materials, and has higher requirements for durability, compressive strength, and high temperature resistance. Kenlian Aluminum is always working to develop advanced Airware technology to supply aluminum materials for NASA and the aerospace industry in the United States.

Kenlian Aluminum also cooperated with China COMAC to discuss the material selection of the domestically produced large aircraft C919. It first appeared as a "technical consultant" in the Chinese aircraft manufacturing market.