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Taboo of the use of aluminum products 2

  • Author:Dong Xing
  • Release on:2018-02-07
6. avoid iron and aluminum cooking utensils mixed. The mixed use of iron and aluminum cookers is the most common thing, but the use of this kind of use is very harmful to health. After the impact and friction of iron and aluminum, the weaker aluminum will drop many powdery particles. These particles will enter the body with meals and increase the volume of aluminum in the body, resulting in chronic accumulation. When accumulating to a certain quantity, these particles will cause harm to human blood and brain function.

7. avoid cooking water with new aluminum products. The use of new aluminum products to boil water will make aluminum products black, and should first use new aluminum products to cook rice or meat food.

Everything needs to be carefully protected, and the aluminum products should be paid attention to. First of all, in the use of aluminum products should pay attention to gently, without the aluminum easy to damp and corrosion, if the long-term need to be cleaned, and then apply a layer of cooking oil with clean paper wrapped in ventilated and dry place. Secondly, aluminum ware can be cleaned and cleaned by washing clean, nylon 100 cleaning cloth and so on, but do not use alkaline water to clean it, and do not use detergent powder. Some consumers like to scrape with a knife, with stainless steel or copper wire brushes, which are not correct. Brown rust using aluminum pot, aluminum pot do not wipe the surface, it can protect aluminum, it is not easy to precipitate, to reduce the harm to human body. The experts finally stressed that although aluminum products are widely applied now, but in the pursuit of green and healthy today, aluminum products will also be replaced by some environmentally friendly and safe household products.

It is essential to use aluminum products in life. If we follow the above methods, we can effectively avoid the intake of aluminum and ensure the health of the body.

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