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Nanning cooperates with Northeastern University to promote aluminum processing together

  • Author:Dong Xing
  • Release on:2018-04-17
On April 15, the Nanning City Council signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Northeastern University in Handan. Both parties will jointly promote extensive cooperation in the field of aluminum processing (Aluminum coated coil 1100-O) And build the Guangxi Advanced Aluminum Processing Innovation Center in Nanning to achieve a rapid transformation of science and technology into industrial applications.

According to the agreement, to thoroughly implement the spirit of the important speech of the General Secretary of the Internship in the past year, when he Guangxi Nannan Aluminum Processing Co., Ltd. inspected to meet the development needs of strategically emerging industries in Nanning and strengthen the independent innovation capacity of advanced aluminum processing (3004-O aluminum plate) And application technologies, Northeastern University will. To build a state-level Guangxi center for advanced aluminum processing innovation in Nanning in an attempt to create an internationally leading innovation performance with independent intellectual property rights, a group of leading talents and innovation teams with top domestic standards, and promoting key technologies and production of equipment. Serve the real economy and create good economic, social and ecological benefits.
Northeastern University is a well-known university in China and has strong research and educational power. It has developed the first super steel in China and has new melting technology for vanadium-titanium magnetite, energy-saving theory and technology for the steel industry, controlled roll and cooling technology and hybrid intelligent optimization control technology. As a large number of high-quality scientific research results, in the transfer of technological innovation and production study research cooperation has formed a unique characteristics of the school.

On the same day, the president of the autonomous region of Chen Wu met the president of Northeast University Zhao Ji and the Chinese Academy of Engineering Academician Wang Guodong and his followers. He hoped that Northeastern University would use this strategic collaboration as an opportunity to make full use of its own scientific research, human resources and other benefits to promote the development of the aluminum deep-processing industry in Guangxi and help the aluminum industry (Aluminum coil for the manufacturer of car parts). "Second-time entrepreneurship" is to cultivate top talent that Guangxi needs more for the development of more industries.