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How to transport and pack aluminum rolls?

  • Author:Dong Xing
  • Release on:2018-02-01
Time is too fast, summer is in the past, autumn, the fall time is very short, gradually is the winter footsteps slowly coming. In winter, all kinds of things that are naturally exposed to the outside world, such as tap water pipes, heating pipes and so on, are unable to freeze. The best way is to do some insulation measures. Harbin Dong Xing Aluminum Co., Ltd is a competent and reliable Aluminum cladding coil manufacturer china.

We have a kind of thermal insulation aluminum coil. In recent years, this kind of thermal insulation material is very popular. When the winter comes, the volume of the aluminum coil is huge, and the dealers are also well prepared for the source.

A lot of aluminum volume sales far away, so we need to pay attention to matters in the packaging, can also according to the user's usage, can roll packing, also can be divided into small volumes, the manufacturer must greet customers, small volume, best paper core, which can prevent deformation, or extrusion occurred bending; aluminum coil should be sealed with plastic sheeting, must be sealed with tape, to prevent water from entering the resulting aluminum coil corrosion, must remember; packaging is more important, can use paper packaging shell solid, can add a layer of kraft paper, this can increase the protective effect; the last step is to package the aluminum coil placed in wooden, reinforced by steel strips on it.

When the aluminum coil is being transported and packed, I hope you can learn more about these things, so that it will ensure that there will be no problems during transportation.

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