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Guan Fung Power Disc electric disc heating technology

Dong Xing aluminummanufacturerchina.com 2018-03-01 10:30:16
The utility model provides an electric cast aluminum disk-shaped electrical heater comprising an outer shell body and an electrical heating body built therein, and characterized in that the electric heating body is wound in a coil form of at least two revolutions or more. The electric heating body of the plate improved to more than two coils of the coil, an increase of the surface, so that the outflow rate is reduced, reliability and life span are considerably improved.
A disc of electric cast aluminum (2024 aluminum plate on saleHeater comprising an external casing and a built-in electric heating element, characterized in that the electric heating element is rolled up in at least two turns of coil form.
The cast aluminum electric disc heater according to claim 1, characterized in that the electric heating pipes are bundled with aluminum wires.
3. Electric cast aluminum disc heater according to claim 1 or 2, characterized in that the electric heater has a disc shape with a through hole in the center thereof.
Electric electric heating element disc heater according to claim 3, wherein screw holes are uniformly distributed over the electric heater.
5. Electric heating element with cast aluminum disc according to claim 3, characterized in that the electric heating tube is a copper tube.
Belonging to the technical field
The invention relates to an electric heater, in particular an electric heater which is used in a packaging machine.
Background technique
Although the electric heating plate (3004-O aluminum plate) Has come out early, during which the design for continuous improvement, but so far, the existing electric heating plate still has some defects: Because the electric heating plate in the electric heating plate is a plate structure and a layer, and the resistance fine wire, there its poor reliability, high failure rate and short life and other defects. For the existence of the above defects many users continue to give feedback and need to be improved as soon as possible.
Content of the invention
The utility model solves the problems of poor reliability, high failure rates and short lifetime in the state of the art.
In order to achieve the aim of solving the above technical problems, the technical solution of the present invention is as follows: An electric cast aluminum disc heater, comprising an outer casing and an electrical heating body constructed therein, characterized in that: the electrical the heating body is wound in at least two windings. The coil shape.
Electric heating pipe surrounded by aluminum wire.
The electric heater is disc-shaped with a through hole in the middle.
There are screw holes on the electric heater.
Electric pipe brass.
In comparison with the state of the art, the utility model has the following advantages and positive effects: 1. The electric heating element has been improved from a plate type to a coil shape (3104 aluminum strip on sale) E with two turns or more, an area is increased, the number of failures is reduced, the reliability and the life span are considerably improved. 2, the use of aluminum wire around the fixed electric heating pipe, because of its soft, using a solid structure around the shape, easy to bind and bind, will not happen due to the phenomenon of deviation, and will not rust. 3, the electric heater is disk-shaped, there are through holes in the middle, the structure is simple and practical. Easy to produce.