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Explain how to dissolve the problem of uneven color of the oxide film of aluminum sheet

Dong Xing aluminummanufacturerchina.com 2018-01-15 22:37:29
Aluminum or aluminum products will be used in building construction or indoor and outdoor decoration. When aluminum plate is processed, the problem of uneven color of aluminum oxide film will appear. How to solve it effectively? Let's do some explaining for us today. Harbin Dong Xing Aluminum Co., Ltd is a competent and reliable Aluminum plate manufacturer china.

(1) the area of the aluminum plate is too large, and the swing is too large in operation. The contact, renewal and exchange between the edge and the central part are quite different, resulting in the inconsistent color of the oxide film. Precaution: when the aluminum plate is oxidized, the amplitude of the workpiece wobble is small, and the static treatment is also acceptable. But when the solution temperature is too low, it is easy to appear the map spot, and it appears unnatural.

(2) when the aluminum clad aluminum processing package partially destroyed, cut off, which is high quality aluminum clad layer, the inner layer is wrapped aluminum two aluminum complex, large differences, so the oxidation after "vitiligo" like spots. This phenomenon is often not understood by the customer, and the manufacturer should do more to explain the work, to explain the original Committee, so as not to cause misunderstandings.

(3) problems in the operation of aluminum sheet oxidation process
The alkali corrosion treatment of the workpiece is not thorough, and the original oxide film and dirt can not be eliminated in the local area. 

The surface of the workpiece is still alkaline after alkali erosion. Harbin Dong Xing Aluminum Co., Ltd could provide you with 7075 aluminum plate on sale.
3. The workpiece has been exposed to foreign objects during the transfer process.
When the color of the membrane is not uniform, we should find out the reasons from many aspects and take the targeted measures to solve it.

As long as we grasp the three trick, the problem of uneven color of the oxide film of aluminum plate will be solved, and we will now explain an example for you. 

The excessive accumulation of aluminum ions in the alkaline etching solution causes the failure. A technician inquired and inquired about the reason why the workpiece was difficult to obtain the conductive oxide film after alkali etching. After removing the factors that were difficult to form the conductive oxide film, considering the problem of excessive aluminum ion in the caustic solution, the other said the caustic solution was very thick. But the alkali corrosion rate is not fast. At that time, the author suggested changing the alkali etching solution. Because the alkali etching solution will accumulate too much aluminum ion after long time. The aluminum ion is difficult to elute on the surface of the workpiece, thus affecting the contact of the aluminum surface and the conductive oxidation solution, thus affecting the formation of the oxide film. Another suggestion is that if the alkali etching solution is not changed at any time, the workpiece after alkali erosion can be rinsed immediately after hot water rinsing, then rinse in the flowing water, then it will be added to the concentrated nitric acid containing hydrofluoric acid, then rinse and then conduct the conductive oxidation treatment. After the reader said after alkali etching with hot water and the effect is very good.

From the above, we also know the reasons for the uneven distribution of oxide film on the aluminum plate and the solutions and countermeasures. When you have similar things in use, you can also do the above reference.

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