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Environmental protection performance of aluminum plate

  • Author:Dong Xing
  • Release on:2018-02-05
In building materials and decoration market, aluminum boards are very environmentally friendly and practical materials, so they can stand out in many building materials, and are widely loved and concerned by people. Today we will explain their environmental protection performance. Harbin Dong Xing Aluminum Co., Ltd could provide you with 5083 aluminum sheet china.

The corrosion resistance of aluminum is, so the product itself will not be corroded, resulting in corrosion will not seem to have any influence on the gas to the human body. In addition, because of these advantages, it will not cause a fixed keel and aluminum rusty. In accordance with the requirements of the country, the level of aluminum is not less than B1 so, this article has said, environmental performance is very good, is people in the selection of material choice. Moreover, this material also has good smoothness, its surface through special craft processing, we can not see any indentation in the surface of the aluminum plate at high temperature.

We talked about the first and the quality of the product itself is relatively light, in addition, the strength of aluminum is very high. In the selection of this product, there are many kinds of colors can be selected, so when the construction is more convenient. The aluminum also has the earthquake, fire, rain, long life of these advantages, at present the market of its use is very extensive. The maximum quality of Oh said this product is light, its density is only 1/3 of steel, it is precisely because of this, the emergence of this product, has become a good substitute for steel.

It can be seen that the market prospect of aluminum plate is very broad. With the continuous improvement of processing technology, there will be different kinds of aluminum products appearing in our life in the future.

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