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EU launches aluminum import dynamic monitoring to respond to U.S. tariff survey

  • Author:Dong Xing
  • Release on:2018-04-27
The European Union will initiate dynamic monitoring of aluminum imports, a move that the United States may adopt after it announces its tariff policy last month.

The European Union’s monitoring is a prelude to the “safeguarding” investigation that it may launch, and the investigation aims to determine that after the United States decided to impose a 10% tariff on its imported aluminum products on the grounds of national security, it was originally sold to the United States. Whether the aluminum material(1100 aluminum coil on sale) has turned to the EU market.
Bloomberg quoted the communique issued by the European Commission on Thursday as saying that the current status of the global market will cause aluminum producers(3003 aluminum coil on sale) in the EU region to face potential "harm threats" in the near future.

The European Union’s move reflects a turbulent source of the global aluminum market. In addition, the US’s sanctions against RUSAL have also caused the aluminum market (1235 aluminum foil wholesales)to fluctuate. After three weeks of fierce turmoil, with the softening of U.S. sanctions on Rusal’s position, the market began to gradually calm.

The monitoring system requires European importers of aluminum materials to apply for an import permit for a period of four months. In this way, EU governments that must automatically grant permits can understand the future imports. However, actual import statistics do not come out until several weeks after the product arrives in Hong Kong.