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Dozens of entrepreneurs discuss all-aluminum custom home standards

  • Author:Dong Xing
  • Release on:2018-03-13
  On March 10th, the first meeting of the first president of the All-Aluminum Customized Household Special Committee and the All-Aluminum Custom Home Industry Technology Workshop were held in Dali. Dozens of entrepreneurs from across the country gathered to discuss the development of the entire conference. Aluminium custom home product standards to explore the sustainable development of aluminum home.
  All-aluminum custom home(Aluminum battery foil manufacturer) is a new industry, with rapid development in recent years, but compared with traditional wooden homes, aluminum home market share is small, in addition to the process is uneven, most aluminum business still stays in the use of aluminum At the stage of wooden furniture, it failed to give full play to the characteristics of aluminum furniture.
 In order to make this industry more standardized and at the same time improve the overall level of the industry, in November 2017, the All-Aluminum Custom Home Special Committee initiated the development of all-aluminum custom household product standards. At the meeting on the day, the special committee collected suggestions on standards submitted by companies and agreed on details.

 “All aluminum has a very broad prospect for home development. It is already at the top of the home industry. We are advancing the formulation of this industry standard, and we can lead all aluminum companies in standardizing industry standards, increase the added value of products, and promote a new round of aluminum homes(Aluminum transformer coil on sale). "Development." Luo Yaohua, president of the All-Aluminum Customization Home Special Committee, said that the next standard development group meeting will be held one after another. After completion, the experts will be invited to review and then publish. At that time, they will apply for the national industrial standards to the housing construction department.

  In addition, the special committee will continue to hold special lectures and seminars to carry out technical exchanges within the industry and use the resources of the Furniture Industry Association of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce to connect with other home industries to promote the sharing of resources among all aluminum custom companies. Cooperation.

  All aluminum custom household special committees are organized by the National Industry and Commerce Union and are dedicated to the development of aluminum home construction(Aluminum coil manufacturer china) and lead the development of the aluminum home industry. “Dali is a strong aluminum town in China. It is the most complete and concentrated industrial chain in the upstream and downstream industries of the aluminum industry in China. Currently, there are more than 400 factories in the aluminum home industry, and over 50% of the manufacturers are concentrated in Dali. The meeting was chosen to be held in Dali.” Luo Yaohua said that under the background of implementing the “global strategy” in Dali Town, the future will rely on Dali's perfect industrial chain and use the opportunity to formulate the aluminum industry standards for home appliances throughout the country. Aluminium home furnishing companies provide fresh samples of agile development, guide the rational distribution of industries, and boost the transformation and upgrading of enterprises.