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Characteristics of color coated aluminium roll

  • Author:Dong Xing
  • Release on:2018-01-17
You may think that it is pure color coated aluminum coil for ordinary aluminum coil by coloring process and performance of aluminum coil is no different, in fact, color aluminum coil itself has a unique performance, but also affects the price of ordinary aluminum coil. Harbin Dong Xing Aluminum Co., Ltd is a competent and reliable Aluminum coil manufacturer china.

The main features of the color coated aluminum roll are as follows:
A, smoothness, color coated aluminum coil surface after high temperature stress surface indentation, will not have the remaining, after not prone to shear deformation;

Two, decorative, mainly surface coated with wood grain, stone lines and other patterns, very realistic, with a strong sense of physical, natural beauty is very good. The design can be designed according to the needs of the customer, it can add the connotation of the product, give consumers more beautiful feelings, the space effect is very good.

Three, weatherability, color coated aluminum coil, its surface pattern is baked by high temperature, the gloss is very good, it can be kept for a long time, the color is also very stable, and the chromatic aberration will not change too much. Generally, it can be used for more than twenty years, and it will not be bad.

Four, with strong mechanical properties, color coated aluminum coil which is made of high quality aluminum and high quality plastic, made in the adhesive effect, using advanced technology, products with bending flexural capacity, are not at all seasons of the year under the condition of deformation.
In addition, color coated aluminum coil has the advantages of environmental protection, because it can be anti salt, but also acid rain, not moldy, does not produce any toxic substances, does not have any effect on the body, the environment will not cause harm, so it will increase the quality of the products, improve its use life and performance, so now many people are using color coated aluminum coil as material.

The application of color coated aluminum coil is very extensive. Because it has a very rich color, it can individualize the design of color, whether it is in home or other occasions, it is necessary to use this color coated aluminum coil. The super machinability of color coated aluminum coil has also become the first consideration for architects and designers. Especially in modern buildings, the demand for this material is very large.

Because of its characteristics and advantages, it has been widely used in architecture and decoration, and has added different colors to our single building material market.

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