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A brief analysis of the role of different patterns

  • Author:Dong Xing
  • Release on:2017-11-02
I believe we should all know there is the aluminum plate of different patterns and styles, so everyone in the choice often cross eye, actually this is not necessary, therefore, different patterns have different effects, specific to know about it:

1, orange peel aluminum alloy pattern sheet is divided into: classical orange peel pattern aluminum plate, variation orange peel pattern aluminum plate (also known as worm pattern). The surface appears similar to the orange peel pattern, also known as the orange peel pattern plate. Is the refrigerator, air conditioning and packaging commonly used pattern series products.

2, spherical pattern aluminum sheet can be called semicircular spherical pattern aluminum plate, the surface presents a small globular pattern, just like a small pearl, so this aluminum plate can become a pearl shaped aluminum plate. It is mainly used in the outer packing. 

The appearance is more beautiful, because of the special pattern, the strength of the aluminum plate is much higher than other pattern series, more widely used, won numerous favor. Harbin Dong Xing Aluminum Co., Ltd is a competent and reliable Aluminum plate  manufacturer china.
3, the diamond Aluminum Alloy pattern plate: packaging or packaging commonly used pipeline.

4, the compass Aluminum Alloy pattern plate: slippery aluminum, and five ribs have the same effect.

5, other materials: Aluminum tread wavy pattern material, corrugated aluminum tread plate, corrugated aluminum sheet pattern (also can be aluminum tile), rattan pattern of aluminum sheet, aluminum solid triangular pattern plate, strip pattern aluminum plate, aluminum plate pattern Pebble Grain aluminum pattern plate, aluminum plate, triangle strip pattern. The butterfly pattern aluminum plate etc..

Aluminum decoration materials of various styles, have rich design and use, for people to choose from. Enrich our life and decorate the world. Harbin Dong Xing Aluminum Co., Ltd could provide you with 6061T^51 aluminum plate.

The above, is to introduce some of the different aluminum plate pattern of some of the role, hoping to bring some help for everyone.

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