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How to distinguish the material of alloy aluminum plate

  • Author:Dong Xing
  • Release on:2017-09-08
Aluminium alloy is widely used in the construction industry. Harbin Dong Xing aluminum co., ltd could provide you with 7075T651 aluminum plate.

Now on the market many different aluminum alloy, aluminum alloy has different effects, when users buy Aluminium alloy, how to distinguish whether it is the real aluminum? This paper for all the detail of aluminium alloy discrimination skills.

Tip 1: camber
Many people wonder whether it is true to determine the degree of bending aluminum. Aluminum alloy itself can not bend, even aluminum of other materials can not bend. In fact, the bending is not aluminum, but the material, because aluminum is not easy to bend, and smooth surface, no cracks, scratches if you buy aluminum and other issues. These problems, that is not authentic aluminum aluminum production.

Tip two: color
Choose when to check its color, if color plate is relatively poor, the production quality is not good. Of course, in comparison, can be the same kind of alloy aluminum together, aluminum color better. 

In addition to check the color, but also check whether the thickness of the aluminum plate and the same label the data. Harbin Dong Xing aluminum co., ltd is a competent and reliable Aluminum plate  manufacturer china.
Tip three: Scratches
Whether for aluminum, with a hard object can smooth uniform, will leave scratches on the surface. If it is aluminum, you can gently wipe off, if not worse off, that the quality of the material in question. There is a scratch that can be erased, oxide film thickness of aluminum surface is qualified, so don't worry about scratching aluminum.

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