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Correct welding method for aluminium

  • Author:Dong Xing
  • Release on:2017-08-24
Welding characteristics of aluminum: aluminum and Aluminum Alloy has high thermal conductivity and heat capacity, linear expansion coefficient, the characteristics of low melting point and high temperature strength small, welding is difficult, some measures should be adopted to ensure the welding quality. 

So I'm here to introduce the correct method of welding aluminum. Harbin Dong Xing aluminum co., ltd is a competent and reliable Aluminum foil manufacturer china.

Tools / raw materials
1. non metallic lined pipe
2. U groove drive roller
3. import and export guidance devices
4. contact
Steps / methods
First of all, strongly recommend the purchase of a dedicated aluminum wire feed tool, a kit will contain the following items: Harbin Dong Xing aluminum co., ltd could provide you with 1235 aluminum foil in china.

1. non metallic lined tubes - designed to minimize wire feed friction.

2. U grooved drive roller - used to prevent breakage or deformation of soft aluminum wire. These drive rollers don't scratch aluminum wires like V groove rollers. The use of V groove roller, will make the wire scraping lining pipe plug, causing wire feed failure.

3. inlet and outlet guide device - designed to avoid wire scratches.

4. contact contacts - use a larger diameter opening in the welding head of aluminum material, because the expansion of the aluminum wire is more expansive than that of the steel. Therefore, the size of the contact head for aluminum wire is small enough to maintain electrical contact and sufficient to allow expansion.

Loading wire to welder
There is a knack for correctly loading aluminum wire (also applicable to steel wire), which is very important for loading aluminum welding wires and avoiding welding failures. Hold the wire shaft safely with one hand to make sure it won't let loose. Once you open the cellophane wrapper, hold the loose end of the wire with the other hand before you put it into the drive wheel. Inexperienced people usually fail to grip the loose end and cause the entire bundle of wires to start loosening. If this happens, it will not be remedied and welding operations will be greatly affected - you will have to buy another bundle of wire.

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