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How to extend the service life of aluminum alloy doors and windows?

  • Auteur:Dong Xing
  • Bron:aluminummanufacturerchina.com
  • Release op:2018-03-27
To ensure that is clean when using it, the action should be as light as possible. Do not use too much force. When the doors and windows are opened, if any obstacles are found, they should be eliminated first. To maintain the cleanliness of the door frame, especially the cleaning of the push-pull slot, the dust collected in the push-pull slot can easily cause difficulties in pushing and pulling the aluminum alloy doors and windows, resulting in easy damage to the doors and windows, thereby affecting the service life of the doors and windows.
cleaning method
1, often scrub aluminum doors and windows(6061 aluminum sheet on sale), keep the surface clean and not be contaminated and corroded, in the scrub when possible choose soft gauze or cotton, etc., so as not to scratch the surface of doors and windows.
2. Rub the glass with a towel or a warm vinegar to remove the dirt from the glass.
3, the glass first painted chalk gray water or gypsum powder, after wiping with a dry cloth, you can clean the glass.
4. Put some water in the basin, pour in a few shampoos and mix it. Use it to clean the glass and it will be clean and bright.
5, the scale on the glass, wipe with a cloth or toothpaste, wipe clean, bright clean hall.
6, take a dry one wet two pieces of cloth, first with a damp cloth to wipe the glass on both sides again; then use a dry cloth dipped in a few white wine, hard to wipe the glass, you can clean and bright.
7. If there is a pen on the glass, rub it with a rubber soaked in water and wipe it with a damp cloth.
8, stained with paint on the glass, available cotton turpentine, hot vinegar to wipe.
9, when you wipe the window, put some blue enamel in the water, will add the gloss of the glass.
10. It is very clean to wipe the glass with stockings and water.
Anti-corrosion to avoid acidic, alkaline chemicals contact with aluminum alloy doors and windows(Aluminum foil for household 1235) surface, in the presence of stains and dirt, soft cloth can be used to clean water or neutral detergent to prevent corrosion of doors and windows.
Accessories maintenance
1. If it is found that the seal tops and glass glue fall off, repair and replace them in time to ensure the sealing and heat insulation of the aluminum doors and windows. Dry the glass and window frame promptly after it rains.
2. Check the connection parts of the door and window frame, tighten the bolts in time, and replace the damaged parts. Positioning pins, wind braces, floor springs and other vulnerable parts of aluminum alloy doors and windows should be checked from time to time, regularly add oil to keep clean and flexible.
3, check the aluminum door and window (7075 aluminum plate on sale)frame wall joints, aluminum doors and windows once loose, easy to make the frame as a whole deformation, so that doors and windows can not be closed, sealed. Therefore, the screws loose at the connection should be immediately tightened, such as the screw foot loose, use epoxy glue to adjust a small amount of cement sealing.
4, check the various types of hardware accessories sliding doors and windows, if found damaged in time to repair or replace, chute with a long time, you can apply a little wax or oil drops of oil, reduce friction, keep the doors open and close Easy and flexible.