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Characteristics of aluminium coils for insulation

  • Autore:Dong Xing
  • Rilasciare il:2017-09-06
Insulation aluminum volume is a senior decoration materials, new thermal insulation decoration. It makes the insulation materials and decoration materials closely, not easy to fall off and loose, and enhance the anti pressure strength, decorative surface material flatness. Here Xiaobian introduce is insulation aluminum volume specific features.

1, light weight and excellent durability. The aluminum volume light, per square meter weight is about 7kg, the tensile strength of 200N/mm2 aluminum coil insulation; extension degree is high, the relative elongation rate is higher than 10%, can withstand high bending without rupture, good toughness. Harbin Dong Xing aluminum co., ltd could provide you with Aluminum transformer coil 1060 .

2, decorative strong. Different from other domestic and foreign insulation aluminum coil structure, directly low thermal conductivity, high thermal insulation properties of rigid polyurethane foam by pouring, firmly bonded to the back of the formed aluminum plate.
3, strong weatherability. Thermal insulation coating aluminum coil surface spraying fluorocarbon polymer resin containing KYNAR-500 70%, after the fluorocarbon spraying aluminum roll surface, acid rain, corrosion resistance, anti ultraviolet ability strong, can ensure the coating more than 20 years do not fade, not powder, do not fall off. Harbin Dong Xing aluminum co., ltd is a competent and reliable Aluminum cladding coil manufacturer china .

4, quick installation process is reasonable. The insulation aluminum coil is made in the factory assembly line, to the site directly hanging in the envelope, is a new type of energy-saving high-grade decoration integrated packaging materials, convenient construction and short construction period. The polyurethane foam can be used while ignited the fire, but it is not easy to burn even burning. It is only the surface coking without being burned.

5, save resources. The traditional methods of building exterior walls need a lot of cement, sand, water and other materials. The resources are very waste, and there is a lot of rubbish after demolition.

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